BAFTA Hair Award Winner – Kate Winslet

February 15, 2016 1:02 pm

Last night the British Academy Film awards took place at The Royal Opera House, just minutes away from our Covent Garden salon. As well as the fantastic acting talent on display, we were keeping a close eye on the beautiful red carpet hair and styling. This week we’ll be bringing you our BAFTA Hair Award winners, along with top tips from our experts to help you recreate these winning looks at home.


As well as winning Best Supporting Actress for Steve Jobs, Kate is also one of our Hair Award winners for her beautiful tousled waves, that perfectly complimented her structured black dress.

BAFTA Hair Award

Why do we love this look?

This hair style exudes effortless glamour, and softens what could otherwise could have been quite a stern, hard look with the structured black dress. The middle parting, with the hairĀ curling away from the face, is really flattering, and works perfectly with the asymmetric style of the dress.

How could I create this look at home?

This look is very easy to create at home, once you’ve mastered the use of a hair wand. It’s also excellent if you’re short on time, as it works even better on hair that hasn’t been freshly washed!

  1. Plan in advance – if you know you want to wear this style for a special occasion, then wash your hair the day before, and create your centre parting when drying the hair. It’s tricky to move a parting once it’s completely dry asĀ the hair can become a bit ‘stubborn’.
  2. When you’re ready to create the curls it’s important to prep the hair before you get started. If your hair still feels a little flyaway or soft try drying a light texturising spray through the hair such as our Salon X-Clusive Prep Spray. Ideally you want hair to feel a bit ‘gritty’ before you begin styling it.
  3. To curl take mid-sized sections of hair and wrap them around the hair wand, hold for a few seconds then carefully remove the wand. It’s really important not to let the hot curl drop as it will immediately start to lose its shape, so instead either hold the curl until it has cooled, or pin it up until it it completely cool.
  4. Repeat this process with all sections of the hair (alternating the direction you wrap each section around the wand to create a more tousled finished). It’s really important that you curl the sections at the hair line away from your face, as this looks much more flattering, and is the part of the style that will give you that true ‘Kate Winslet’ effect!
  5. Once hair is completely cool release all the curls and use your fingers to tease apart the curls. Don’t use a brush for this, as this will smooth out the curls and create more of a sleek, glamorous wave than Kate’s tousled waves.
  6. Add some final texture to the style by spraying the waves with a salt spray, and using dry shampoo at the root for some added texture and movement.