Brighton Senior Top Stylist Rosie Tappin

September 8, 2015 8:57 am

To get to know our incredible salon team better, we asked them to let us know their hair crushes (male and female), favourite products, and top tips they share with their clients.






Who are your celebrity hair crushes?

 Caroline Flack: She wears her hair really well both long and short, and it always looks great with her sense of fashion. As a full look it just works.


David Beckham: He has tried and tested so many styles over the year – it’s great that he’s so adventurous with his style. His current look is working very well for him!

 david beckham

What are your favourite hair products?

Trevor Sorbie Salon X-Clusive Beach Hair: It adds texture, volume and it’s perfect for that ‘done/undone’ look.

Beach Hair 200ml

Tecni Art Wild Stylers ‘Next Day Hair’: Its a life saver for days when you don’t want to wash your hair and need an extra bit off oomph!


What are your top tips for clients?

1. Have it cut regularly – this will keep the shape and condition looking great.

2. Understand your products – knowing the right product to use for your hair will make any style last much longer and look more professional.

3. Trust your stylist – keep searching until you find your perfect match; a stylist who listens and understands your hair!