Can’t find the time for a colour appointment? Our new salon colour ‘top-up’ services are the answer

January 22, 2016 4:07 pm

Visiting a salon for a full colour application is an indulgence that too many of us are finding tricky to fit into our busy schedules. We know that a salon colour is always going to look better than a DIY job from a box, but when time is in short supply it’s tempting to do a quick fix at home. Our hairdressers’ have put their heads together and come up with the solution; NEW Colour Top-Up Services that can be tagged onto a cut or blow dry for the quicker way to refresh your style in-between full colour appointments.

The team have put together a fantastic menu of 4 colouring services, with some requiring as little as 15 minutes application, and starting from £50:



Blends away unsightly roots with a partial application of colour in key places. A great quick fix for problem roots or greys, for a natural effect that’ll grow out subtly.



A few key pieces of hand-painted Balayage are placed around the hairline and parting to refresh existing colour. This is a brilliant way to top up Balayage between appointments, and is tailored based on your existing colour.



Adds amazing gloss and shine to coloured or natural hair. Acting like a clear nail varnish for hair, this treatment adds incredible shine and helps to intensify existing colour.



Strategic foils are placed around the hairline and parting to extend the lifespan of highlights, avoiding a solid line of regrowth.


These services are available at all of our salons, so please contact your local branch for more information or to book an appointment.