Career Guide – Training at Trevor Sorbie

April 4, 2016 12:57 pm

Becoming a successful hairdresser is dependant on a huge number of things; natural talent, dedication, rapport with clients and creativity to name just a few. One of the biggest factors that will affect the trajectory of your career is the method of training you choose to undertake. We believe that nothing can rival the experience of being trained in-salon by working hairdressers’ and balancing training sessions with gaining invaluable experience of working on the salon floor as an assistant. Being part of a busy salon also offers up amazing opportunities – our assistants regularly help behind the scenes at events, shoots and fashion shows including London Fashion Week.

Education is the key to the success of our salons. Many of our most established team members originally joined us as assistants and have worked their way up to become hairdressers on the salon floor, members of the Art Team and beyond! Training at Trevor Sorbie offers the unique opportunity to be educated by some of the best hairdressers in the industry, and follow a training programme designed to educate you in all aspects of hairdressing; from customer service to stock control and managing your column.

When you begin your training programme with us the first modules you’ll study are blow-drying and introduction to colour. As an assistant if you can prove yourself to be talented at blow dries you may be offered the opportunity to blow dry our technical client’s hair, earning invaluable experience of working with paying clients. Following your introduction to colour module you will then be able to choose whether to specialise as a Stylist or Technician.

The full training course takes between 2-3 years depending on ability and previous experience. Training sessions take place weekly and you will be encouraged to source your own models rather than just working with stationary training heads. You will undergo regular assessments and present models at the end of each module to your educator. Only once all modules have been passed successfully will you have finished the training course – but the opportunities don’t stop there! You may be invited to undergo a process with us called ‘Vardering’ which is an intensive final training programme which every hairdresser who applies to work with us (regardless of their experience or credentials) has to do. The Vardering process culminates in a final presentation of models to Trevor and his most senior Art Team members who judge the looks that have been created, and if successful welcome the salon’s newest team member!

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We take education and training extremely seriously, so we expect our assistants to be passionate and dedicated to following our training programme. In exchange we can offer you the highest quality of training, the opportunity to earn while you train and gain experience on the salon floor, and the chance to work in a creative, inspiring and friendly atmosphere. What more could you want!

If you would like to train with us or find out more information about a career with Trevor Sorbie, please email a CV and covering letter to