Celebrity Hair: Going for the Chop

April 13, 2015 11:09 am

It’s  big news when a celebrity decides to cut off their hair (especially if they had long flowing locks before), but is it always the right choice? We asked our stylists for their expert opinion on some of the most famous, and dramatic hair changes from the past few years – they’ve given us their verdict, as well as advice if you’re looking to go short for summer:

CHARLIZE THERONCharlize“Charlize is beautiful so is able to carry off any style, however I think her longer hair was more flattering. She had what I’d call a Long Bob before (which sometimes people think looks ‘mumsy’), however I think the short style is quite an old fashioned shape and worn too flat to her head. You don’t have to go for such a dramatically short style to feel you’ve had a change – sometimes just having a couple of inches taken off and changing the shape of layers can have just as dramatic an effect, and remain more versatile.”


Emma-Watson“I love Emma’s two shorter looks – she has quite a long face which I think is accentuated with the longer hair, so going for a cropped style is more flattering for her. The colour also plays a big part, as the darker brown looks heavier against her skin tone, whereas the highlighted styles really accentuate her eyes and features. Your faceshape is a huge deciding factor in what length and style will suit you – if you’re contemplating a big change I highly recommend having a consultation with your hairdresser in advance of your appointment, so you can discuss options and have time to contemplate whether you’re still ready to go short!”


Kaley-Cuoco“It’s great to see actresses trying out new, more daring styles, however I do think there’s a couple of things Kaley could do with her cropped style to make it more flattering. First, if you have a round face like Kaley it’s best to keep some length through the fringe to frame your face and lengthen it – you can still go short, but just leave a little bit more to work with round the front. Secondly, colour is extremely important – I would recommend Kaley go for a slightly darker root, so there is more depth to her colour, as all over blonde can wash you out.”


Michelle-Williams“This is my absolute favourite of the ‘celebrity chops’. This style is soft, sexy and incredibly versatile due to the length left through the front of the hair, so it can be styled messily, slicked back, smoothed to the side etc. Of all the styles we’ve looked at, I’d recommend this as the starting point for someone looking to go short, as it can be easily adapted to suit each inidivual face shape.”