My New Hair

My New Hair by salons that care

Providing support & inspiration to ensure those suffering medical hair loss get the hair they need & deserve.

Recognising the importance of beautiful hair to all our clients, Trevor has launched a non-profit service for clients suffering medical hair loss - offering advice and wig customisation.

"I feel my incredible career to date has led me to this moment, this opportunity to help people and I am so grateful that I have the skills to pull this off. My New Hair isn't just about hair, its psychological medicine for women suffering from hair loss through illness and for many of the women I have seen it's the missing link in their treatment.

My personal goal is also a passionate promise, to make this service accessible to women around the UK and long term around the world. Finding a cure for cancer and alopecia is a medical task but supporting the well being of those people suffering the effects demands much more than a Doctor can provide. How can a patient feel positive and strong when their personal self-image has been rocked to the core by baldness? Giving women back their hair - hair that looks natural, attractive and feminine gives them back a little of the confidence to face the world in their darkest hour.

It was my personal experience of helping a family member during cancer treatment that inspired the idea of 'My New Hair'. I have now helped several hundred women whose reactions have provided me with a whole new dimension in job satisfaction. This is not about earning money, it's about using my skills to give people something truly meaningful and now my handpicked peers across the UK are joining me in doing the same." Trevor Sorbie


We unfortunately cannot carry out colour or perm applications on wigs for clients. Our experience and in depth knowledge have lead us to cease offering technical applications due to the uncertain origin of all of the hair contained in a wig and therefore the unpredictable results, even when a small area is tested. We advise any client through my new hair to purchase a wig as close to the desired colour and effect they want.

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