Covent Garden Director Ryan Forsythe

September 22, 2015 11:44 am

To get to know our incredible salon team better, we asked them to let us know their hair crushes (male and female), favourite products, and top tips they share with their clients.



Position: DIRECTOR



Who are your celebrity hair crushes?

 Bjork: She’s a unique character who’s always very creative when it comes to her hair fashion and music. I like that her appearance perfectly encompasses her personality and creativity.


Paul Weller: He’s always had an impeccable and sharp sense of style. His iconic hairstyle finishes the look.


What are your favourite hair products?

Trevor Sorbie Salon X-Clusive Protect & Shine Spray: It gives a lovely soft shine with no residue and smells great. As an added bonus it provides heat protection too!

Protect & Shine Spray 200ml

Kérastase Oleo Relax: A favourite for years. So lightweight, good on nearly all hair types, and speeds up the blow dry process while giving a beautiful shine.


What are your top tips for clients?

1. How to define curls – whilst wet,  twist small sections of hair around your finger,  away from your face at front and in different directions on top/at the crown. You can do this on your way to work on the bus or tube and then let the hair dry naturally.

2. How to create easy beach waves – whilst wet twist a big vertical section on both sides of the head away from face, and separate the back into two (4 if extra thick) and twist in the same direction. Allow the hair to dry and then shake it up.

3. How to dry a perfec bob- use a paddle brush or curved styling brush and dry the hair from roots to ends in different directions, wrapping the hair around the head. No sectioning is required and it gives a natural bevel and swing.