Creating Glamorous Curls

April 27, 2015 7:13 am

Master big, glamorous curls with this guide. The trick to longer-lasting curls is to always allow the hair to completely cool and set before brushing it through or styling.


To prepare the hair we used Colour Shampoo and Conditioner, however you could use any Shampoo and Conditioner from our Salon Approved range for this look. Whilst hair is still damp, liberally apply Invisible Hold Mousse from roots to ends. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of this mousse – it will dry extremely lightweight and non-sticky in the hair, and will help keep your style in place. Dry hair thoroughly, using a nozzle attached to the dryer, and point the airflow down the hair shaft to ensure a smooth finish.



Once hair is completely dry, use a Sectioning Comb to section hair vertically, and secure each section with a Sectioning Clip. The size of each section will determine how tight or loose the waves are – for more relaxed waves take larger sections, and for tighter curls take smaller sections.



For this stage you will need a heated curling tong/wand. It is imperative when using heated electrical styling tools to protect the hair from heat damage. For this look we recommend using Curl Creator, a vitamin-enriched formula that helps to lock the curl, as well as providing heat protection. Spray each section with Curl Creator, allow it to dry, and then wrap around the curling tong/wand, holding in place for approximately 10 seconds before releasing the hair.



After releasing each section of hair, keep it in its spiral position, and secure to the head with a Sectioning Clip. Leave hair clipped up like this for as long as you can to set the curls in place. Once you remove the clips, you can decide how to finish the hair. For this look, we sprayed the hair with Natural Hold Hairspray before lightly brushing through to create glamorous waves.