Golden Globes 2016 Hair Guide: our hairdressers’ award winners!

January 12, 2016 3:38 pm

Awards season kicked off in style on Sunday evening with the Golden Globes held at the Beverley Hilton in Los Angeles. As well as winning in the acting stakes, we took a look at who won which award for ‘Best Hair’ this year with the help of our Covent Garden salon team. They will also share top tips on how to recreate the winning styles at home!


Nominees: Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander, Kate Winslet, Kate Bosworth


Winner: Jennifer Lawrence

“This is my favourite updo of the evening mainly because of how it looks from the front, rather than the intricate looking twists at the back. The hair isn’t too rigid and hasn’t been over-styled through the front, so it still has a natural texture and lift to it. This makes the whole look softer and not too severe, which can happen when styles are scraped back. To achieve this look at home I wouldn’t recommend trying to copy the way the hair is pinned exactly – instead leave the front section loose (to pin up last) and take sections of hair through the back and sides, twist them and pin in place. Once the hair feels secure then take the front section, add a little backcomb for height, and gently pull back and pin to the rest of the hair. There’s no right or wrong way to twist the hair back, just have a play and see what works for you and looks right with your face shape and outfit. The key with this look is for the front to look soft and natural, rather than rigidly set in place. Ideal products to use would be Salt Texture Spray and a Hair Powder to create natural looking texture and volume.”

Juan Luis Gosp De Vincente – Senior Top Stylist



Nominees: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amber Heard, Julianne Moore, Bryce Dallas Howard


Winner: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

“I absolutely love her colour. The strong ombre trend is now moving toward a much softer, more subtle ombre that looks really natural and beautiful. Rosie’s colour perfectly shows this, with a slightly more golden root moving to sun kissed, light blonde ends. The natural wave is the perfect style to show this off, and the whole look from her hair to makeup and dress is great. If you want to take inspiration from this look then talk to your hairdresser about ‘Sombre’ – which is our way of describing soft, subtle ombre!”

Ben Bradley – Technician



Nominees: Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne, Jon Hamm


Winner: Leonardo DiCaprio!

“Although I do like the modern, more textured style Eddie Redmayne has, you can’t beat a classic, slicked back look. Leonardo DiCaprio’s sleek style is perfect for a red carpet event, and looks fantastic with black tie. It’s also really easy to style at home – simply wash your hair, and whilst it’s still wet comb it back into the position you want, and apply gel throughout the hair. Allow this to dry naturally which should set the style in place, then gently comb through, and if needed for added shine and hold run a styling cream or paste over the hair.”

Petros Mairoudhiou – Director (Covent Garden)



Nominees: Lily James, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Amy Adams, Helen Mirren, Zoe Kazan


Winner: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

“I’m not surprised Rosie has been chosen for best colour as well as best hair down – the styling and colour compliment each other perfectly. The textured waves through her hair hit the right balance of laid-back and relaxed, whilst also looking suitable for the red carpet. I’m also a big fan of the length of her hair just grazing the collarbone. This is a really flattering, versatile length and one I think we’ll see a lot more of in the next year. To recreate Rosie’s style at home I would recommend washing and blow drying your hair (aiming for a natural, textured finish) using products for heat protection and shine. Section the hair into large pieces, then take each section, twist it toward your face then wrap around a hair wand (away from your face). This combination of movements will make a softer, more natural wave rather than a tight curl. Don’t hold the hair on the wand for too long before releasing, then once cool run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves. I personally don’t like finishing waves with hairspray, but you could use some Salt Texture Spray for a little extra movement if you like.”

Francesca Poyner – Stylist (Covent Garden)