Holiday hair tips for men

August 10, 2016 3:10 pm

Whether you’re jetting off to exotic climates, staying closer to home, or sailing the world on your private yacht (wishful thinking) we have the holiday hair tips all guys need to hear.

Letting it all grow out:

Longer hair has a more care-free, relaxed feel than cropped styles, so for men who have to keep their hair smart for work a holiday is the best time to try something a little more laid-back. Time a haircut approximately 6-8 weeks before your holiday, so you head off at just the point you’d normally get a trim. If you’re prone to catching the sun then trying a longer style will also help to protect your scalp, neck and forehead from resembling a tomato – always a bonus!

 Cutting it all off:

However if you’re looking to work on your tan lines whilst away then cutting your hair shorter will help to avoid a white halo around your hairline and neck (a look that is only rivalled by cycling tan lines). If your hair is unmanageable then going for a crop will also minimise the time and products you have to use on keeping your mop under control.

Keeping it in shape:

Everyone has their own precise hair regime – whether it’s a quick wash and go or something more meticulous, but how does this translate on holiday? You want to keep your wash bag as simple as possible, so our stylists have picked two products that will help you do just that:

Mg 2 in 1 Shampoo – this shampoo contains conditioning properties, so if your hair is coarse or curly then using this product instead of your usual shampoo will help add hydration, making it easier to style and control.

Salon X-Clusive Beach Hair – this is one of our most popular salon products for both men and women. In essence this spray will recreate the look and feel of your hair after a day of swimming and sunbathing on the beach. If your hair is fine and fluffy then this spray is ideal to create some texture without making hair look too ‘set’.

Keeping it squeaky clean:

Ever noticed that your hair feels completely different depending on where you are in the world?This is due to water quality, which is one of the biggest things that will effect how your hair feels on holiday. Hard water contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals which can make hair feel more brittle, tacky and dull. Soft water on the other hand is much purer so leaves hair feeling soft (and more often than not a little bit fluffy). By taking the two products mentioned above you’ll be covered to keep your hair looking good regardless of what kind of water you’re dealing with.