How To: Volume Blow Dry

April 27, 2015 7:00 am

A big, bouncy blow dry is the epitome of ‘just left the salon’ style, however it can be really tricky to master at home. We’ve put together the below guide to make this process easier to follow:


Prepare hair with a Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, and while hair is still damp, apply Invisible Hold Mousse throughout the hair. Rough dry hair until it is 80% dry, then section it into about 10 sections, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Section the hair around your hairline vertically, and the rest of the hair horizontally.

Volume 1


Take each section of hair, and wrap it around a Large Radial Brush. Apply heat using your hair dryer until each section is dry, and then blast with the ‘cool shot’ function on your dryer. If you are confident using a radial brush, you can smooth the hair, turning the brush whilst simultaneously using the hair dryer. However, it is just as effective to wrap the hair around the brush, before then applying the heat. For maximum volume at the root, brush the hair upwards away from the head, before then rolling it down around the brush.

Volume 2


Once each section of hair is unwrapped from the Radial Brush, replace it with a Self-Grip Roller, and roll back down towards the head. Secure with a grip if needed, and leave in place whilst the hair cools. Repeat until the whole head is in rollers. Even if you only leave the hair like this for 10 minutes, it will help you achieve more volume, and a longer-lasting style.

Volume 3


Remove the rollers, and spray the hair with Natural Hold Hairspray, before gently brushing out the hair with a Smoothing Brush.

Volume 4