Introducing Olaplex: What The Professionals Say

July 31, 2015 11:50 am

Here at Trevor Sorbie we are proud to be amongst the first in the UK to launch Olaplex – the revolutionary new colour upgrade service that has become a huge sensation across the world.

Olaplex. Before and After

Refining the way hair is coloured, Olaplex rejoins the broken disulphide bonds permanently within the hair that can break during these chemical processes, giving more elasticity and strength to the hair. We think it is incredible but don’t just take our word for it:

Bridget March for cosmopolitan says “Olaplex: the new salon wonder-treatment that ACTUALLY fixes damaged hair…” read the full article here

Rose Howard for the pages digital says “OLAPLEX – Does it live up to the hype?” Read the full article here

Layered Online says “the newest in-salon colour innovation, Olaplex, means you can seriously transform your hair – be it bleaching or smoothing – without the usual damage…” Read the full article here


Speak to your stylist or technician about this revolutionary new service today.