KeraStraight – why is it our hairdressers’ smoothing service of choice?

March 10, 2016 5:15 pm

We are the Global Ambassador’s for KeraStraight, an amazing hair-smoothing service that can revolutionise your hair care at home. Whether your mane is curly and frizzy, dry and damaged, or takes too long to dry, KeraStraight could change how you think about your hair. This keratin treatment strengthens and protects hair, whilst also smoothing it to help remove frizz (even in humidity). The end result? Beautiful, healthy, smooth, manageable hair. Take back control with KeraStraight!

Why do we love this treatment?

“In my hairdressing experience, which is over 50 years now, I’ve realised that nobody is ever happy with their own hair. To give them something that’s, let’s say, been unavailable before is like a gift to this industry. For clients that have any wavy, frizzy or untamed hair, this is where Kerastraight really fits the bill. It gives the clients something that they’ve never had before.” Trevor Sorbie

Find out more from Trevor about why he chose to partner with KeraStraight below:

So is KeraStraight for you?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, then KeraStraight is definitely for you!

  • If your hair curly, unruly or frizzy?
  • Does your hair take too long to dry?
  • Is your hair hard to detangle/unmanageable?
  • Do you want long-lasting smoother, shinier hair?
  • Does your hair feel weak, dry or damaged?


The next step…

There are various different KeraStraight treatments available, each of which is tailored to target your specific hair problems and give you the result you want. The best person to recommend this to you is a KeraStraight expert, and luckily for you we have plenty of those working in our salons! Consultations for KeraStraight are completely free of charge in our salons, so if you’re interested in finding out more, or speaking to a stylist then please get in contact. You won’t regret it!