Ky Dolce HD Brows Review – Manchester Salon

February 5, 2016 1:50 pm

Ky Dolce, our resident skincare expert in the Manchester Salon, welcomed Shine! Magazine this week to experience an HD Brows appointment.

HD Brows is a growing phenomenon that concentrates on creating perfect, flattering eyebrows, bespoke for each client. The service includes various stages such as plucking, waxing and dyeing to create the perfect shape for your face. Shine! magazine’s Bridget Daniels (Fitness Editor) came to the salon to try the service for herself, and was thrilled with the results:

“Going to a restaurant opening and party later that night I was surprised at how many people commented on my brows, complimenting me on their understated definition and fab arch – I had definite brow game. Now, a few weeks later I have noticed minimal regrowth and have been able to maintain the shape Ky created perfectly. I’m booked in for a touch up soon!”

To read Bridget’s full review of her service please click here, or for more information/bookings please call 0161 8392255 or email