Make your ‘work out’ hair work for you

July 15, 2016 2:29 pm

There’s no better feeling than a truly great hair day – it puts a spring in your step, improves your confidence and helps you feel like you can take on the world. There is one drawback though…how are you supposed to find the motivation to exercise and build up a sweat knowing that your hair will pay the price? We’ve pulled together some of our favourite tips and styles to make your ‘work out’ hair work for you.


Once you’ve learnt the technique, braids are one of the simplest ways to create an impactful style. You can then change up your style by simply altering the direction you braid, the amount of hair you use, whether you braid over (french) or under (dutch), and where on your head you start and end the braid. One of the other big bonuses of braiding hair before exercise is how secure the style is – you can jump, spin and run to your hearts content but your hair will be staying in place.

One of the peskiest sections of hair to deal with while exercising is the fringe. From making a warm forehead feel tropical to dreaded stringy strands it can be a nightmare to keep under control. This video will show you one technique for keeping your fringe in check:


Take inspiration from athletes and try a headband for a sporty style. Perfect for keeping hair off your face and, let’s face it, making you look the business when competing in events, the headband is an underrated style statement. Wimbledon is the perfect example of how a headband can be paired with ponytails, braids and buns to finish off a look. We love these examples below: Serena Williams and her thin band and Sloane Stephens with her multi-coloured braided effect.

hair sports styles

Tousled Bun

Rather than using a band to secure a ponytail or bun (which will leave a massive kink when removed) try securing your hair in a messy bun using grips. Simply twist sections of hair back and secure them by criss-crossing your grips, so they interlock for longer hold. At the end of the workout when you’ve cooled down, let the grips out to reveal tousled, messy waves. Much better than a kink!

sports hair styles