Men’s corner – the best sport styles

July 11, 2016 4:33 pm

Euro 2016 might have lacked in excitement and footballing prowess, but there was plenty of hair inspiration to be had throughout the tournament. If you’re anything like us it only takes a few minutes of raised heart rate to leave hair a sweaty, disheveled mess, and not in a stylish way. So what can you do to combat this?¬†We’ve pulled together some of the best ‘sports’ styles inspired by athletes to help you.

The Cristiano

ronaldo hair euros

Who better to start with than the king of image himself? From head to foot Ronaldo’s look is all about being slick, and his hair mirrors this. His hair is kept in place using a high-shine, strong-hold gel that can withstand even the most energetic headers (we’re still marvelling at the in-human height he got during the one against Wales). To recreate this style create a sharp side parting – Ronaldo has done this by having his hair cropped one side of the parting and left longer the other side to be swept over, however you could do this even if your hair is longer. Once you’ve parted the hair work a generous amount of gel through your hands and slick hair diagonally back away from your face, either side of the parting. Try applying the gel while your hair is still damp and easier to manipulate. This will avoid battling with your parting and will also create more shine.

The Raonic

raonic hair wimbledon

Murray might have lifted the trophy, but Raonic definitely won the battle of the hair. Working with his slight natural curl, Raonic adds texture and definition to his crop without making it too structured like Ronaldo. The result? A more natural style that actually benefits from the addition of sweat and being a bit windswept. To recreate this style dry you hair backwards off your face, and work some wax though the ends and fringe. If you haven’t tried it before, this would be a great time to give hairspray a go. It’ll help keep your hair in place and add some shine but without the stickiness or crispiness of a gel. Don’t be afraid to touch your hair while you’re exercising – the more you work the salts from sweating through your hair, the more textured it will look.

The Hamilton

lewis hamilton hair

Otherwise known as ‘investing in a lot of caps’. This is a brilliant option for playing sports in the sun, keeping sweat out of your eyes, and covering an unruly crop. Just be warned – once you’ve committed to your cap you’ll need to keep it on for the duration otherwise flattened hair with an attractive mark across your forehead could quickly become a reality.