Hairdressing Careers

A career at Trevor Sorbie requires dedication, enthusiasm and above all else, outstanding hairdressing talent. Our team comprises world-class hairdressers all of whom have been carefully mentored and trained by Trevor to develop their raw talent to a level where they are in constant demand for photographic, advertising and session work, as well as judging high profile hair awards and holding international professional seminars.

Qualified Stylists/Technicians who want to join our salon teams have to undergo an intense process, beginning with a trade test and interview, followed by an in-depth four week training programme and culminating in a Final Test where a full array of different styles and techniques have to be presented on models for Trevor to judge. Only once all of these stages have been completed and passed can you begin to work officially on the salon floor.

We insist on every member of our team completing this process so that we maintain the high calibre of hairdressing throughout the salon group whilst also upholding the sterling reputation that Trevor has built throughout his time in the industry.

There are many career paths available to you once you join us; helping with training and education for our assistants and varderers, presenting your Art Team test to join our award-winning Artistic Team and helping test and develop our product range.

If you wish to join us as a Salon Assistant you will need to prove that you are passionate about the hairdressing industry and are committed to finding models and carrying out intensive training and hard work to learn the skills you will need to one day become a Stylist/Technician.

The reception team in the salons are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all appointments throughout the day and maintaining a positive, friendly atmosphere for our clients. We provide full product, services and customer care training for all reception teams.