Salon 2016: Tom & Ryan took to the HJi Live Stage

February 29, 2016 2:55 pm

On Sunday 29th February the Trevor Sorbie team descended on Salon2016 at the Excel Centre in London, part of the Professional Beauty exhibition. Within Salon2016 there were live stages set up by leading hair industry publications including Hairdressers’ Journal. This stage was featuring some of the best hair talent in the country across the 2-day event, and we were thrilled that our Art Team were asked to be involved.

Tom Connell and Ryan Forsythe represented the Art Team at the show, and used their time on stage to carry out live haircuts, demonstrating different techniques that can be used for unique effects, and their inspiration behind each look.


Hair Salon Show

Tom’s model was inspired by a shop assistant he saw while out shopping for his wife’s birthday present (he was so taken by her hair he forget the present!) He loved the texture and movement through the hair, and how perfectly it flattered her face and style – even more so when he found out she cut it herself. His aim with the model was to recreate this feel and style of hair, without making it too ‘perfect’ or ‘hairdresser-y’. He took the corners out of the fringe to soften how it sat, and allow for more movement. The colour was created before the event (by Kris in the Covent Garden salon) with the aim of resembling the inside of a shell; a truly¬†iridescent shade. The finished result was a really edgy, yet soft cut that highlighted the models¬†facial features.



Ryan’s model was inspired by a client who he saw leaving the salon after an appointment. She wrapped a scarf around her neck, cinching her hair in which created volume through the top and the illusion of short length through the back, and long layers through the front. To create this on his model Ryan didn’t use scissors at all, he only used a razor for gentle edges and tapering, rather than sharp lines. The model’s hair had colour applied through the mid-layers around the face, so that when the hair was razored the colour was revealed. Once the cut had been completed, Ryan styled the look by using straighteners to create an ‘s-curl’ through the front of the hair.

To find out more about our talented Art Team and view some of their collections, head to their information page on our site.