Salon styling pick – Salon Approved Multi-Styler

August 12, 2016 9:34 am

When we asked our salon team to choose their top styling pick for the summer, they were quick to nominate our Salon Approved Multi-Styler for it’s versatility and ease of use. Unlike other stylers on the market, each of the Multi-Styler’s attachments are completely different shapes, which allows you to create three truly different types of curls, all with one handy tool.

What are the looks I can create?

The three attachments that are provided with the Multi-Styler are:

Micro-Stick – this long, thin wand is ideal for creating incredibly tight, ringlet curls, an effect which would be impossible with any regular tong or wand.

Bubble Wand – this wand has been designed so that hair doesn’t ‘sit’ in a perfect coil around it, which creates a more natural, beachy finish with lots of movement. Ideal for people who love a relaxed style, but want more movement and wave through their hair.

Wave Wand – this traditionally shaped drop wand will create beautiful, uniform waves. Think classic Hollywood glamour!

See all three of the wands in action, and the beautiful styles they create in this video:

Top Tips:

The looks you can create with your Multi-Styler aren’t just limited to these three styles though. There are lots of techniques our stylists’ use that you can try at home:

Changing direction – if you curl all your hair in one direction it tends to create a sleeker, more glamorous effect. However, if you curl each section in a different direction (one towards your face, one away etc) then you’ll create a more volumous, textured finish. This is ideal to do with the bubble wand to create really relaxed beach waves.

Amount of hair – by using small sections of hair you’ll create much tighter curls than if you use larger sections. So for more structured, ringlet curls try using small sections of hair, and for waves use larger sections.

Twisting hair – by twisting hair before you wrap it around the wand you’ll create a completely differently look again. This technique is great to use with the wave wand to create 1920s ‘S’ type curls. Twist the hair twice towards your face, and then wrap it around the wand away from your face.