Seeing red – advice for trying copper hair

June 24, 2016 11:58 am

Christina Aguilera stunned the world last week when she debuted her new copper locks, moving away from the signature platinum style she’d sported for years. Our Technical Education Director John Spanton described her new look as “…sexy, grownup and much more beautiful”, so it’s no surprise that so many woman are now keen to replicate her glamorous new style for themselves. But what is involved in such a dramatic colour change?

The first thing we have to emphasise is that this is a job for the experts! “To get the best durability on this sort of colour change a proper diagnosis of the health of the hair before you begin, and a ‘no shortcuts’ approach to the colour change, is the only way to go,” says John. “Working with the least chemically impactful products will help to minimise the negative effect on the hair.”

Ensuring the hair is in good health before the colour change, and is continued to be cared for with the correct treatments after, is the key to success with this sort of style. Regular hair masks and conditioning products (such as oils) are fantastic for replenishing lost moisture in the hair, and heat protection is essential to minimise damage. Your hairdresser will be able to prescribe you the perfect combination to keep your colour vibrant, and hair as supple and shiny as possible.

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and try a copper tone – but which one do you choose? From vivid reds through to soft strawberry blondes, there is a never-ending spectrum of colours to choose from. One way to help narrow down the selection is to understand what colours will flatter your skin tone, and whether you should lean towards warm or cool tones. We have a guide to help you diagnose your tone, however a quick and easy way to get started is to simply look at two things:

1) The veins in your wrist – if these appear blue you most likely have a cool tone, and if they look green you likely have a warmer skin tone.

2) What colour jewellery do you tend to wear? If you find silver tones more flattering you most likely have a cooler tone, but if you lean more towards golds it is likely you have a warm skin tone.

red hair colour

If you’re unsure about tones then ask the experts! Hair colourists spend all day, every day, making sure that the colours they choose are perfectly suited to flatter and enhance their clients appearance. “Finding the right shade of red depends on the personality and the skin tone. Work with the same rules as always with cool and warm skin tones as a very simple guide, but really consider the right vibrancy to suit the woman in the chair.’

We offer free consultations in all of our salons, so if you’re tempted to try this look then please get in touch – we’d love to see you. Our team can then discuss with you the different tones that would suit you, how the colour process will work, and also what maintenance will be required moving forward.