Senior Top Stylist/Assistant Art Director: Tom Connell

October 26, 2015 5:06 pm

To get to know our incredible salon team better, we asked them to let us know their hair crushes (male and female), favourite products, and top tips they share with their clients.




Who are your celebrity hair crushes?

 Alice Dellal: She’s one of the only models out there who doesn’t have ‘generic’ model hair, and does her own thing.

Alice D

Alex Turner: His hair is always  different, and he changes it to suit his current style, but always with taste.

Alex T

What are your favourite hair products?

Trevor Sorbie Salon X-Clusive Prep Hair: This adds grip and life to the hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy. It acts as a lighter version of a Salt Spray.

Prep Hair 200ml

Redken Wax Blast: Because this is an aerosol it’s perfect for showing clients how to use a wax in their hair without over-applying or making hair look heavy.

Wax blast

What are your top tips for clients?

  1. The end result is affected by everything you do from the moment you start to shampoo, so if you want to have nice hair…treat your hair nicely! Don’t roughly shampoo it, don’t be rough with the comb, apply good quality, caring products and dry it straight from wet, don’t let it half dry and expect a smooth result.

2. Allow each section of hair that you’ve blow dried to cool down before running your hands through it, as when the hair is still warm it can still be manipulated, so will lose the shape you’ve just worked hard to create.

3. Eat well! Your diet is one of the main things that has an effect on your hair, so lots of fish and vegetables should be on the menu.