Spring Trend: Volume Ponytail

April 2, 2015 2:18 pm

Learn how to update the classic ponytail for this perfect Spring style for longer hair!


Prepare hair with Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, and whilst it is still damp, liberally apply Invisible Hold Mousse evenly through the hair. Blow dry with as much volume and movement as possible (try tipping the head upside down for root lift, and using a radial brush through the ends for bounce). Hair will then need to be sectioned into three; a horizontal section across the crown splitting the hair in half, and then a piece taken vertically around the hairline, to be used later to frame the finished style. Brush the bottom section into a ponytail just below the crown, and secure with a band or bungee.

Spring Style PonytailSTEP 2:

Take the top section of hair, and using a Tease Comb, gently backcomb it in layers, concentrating the most backcombing at the crown. Having more height toward the crown, rather than on top of the head, is the most flattering shape. Spray the backcombed hair liberally with Natural Hold Hairspray.

Spring Style PonytailSTEP 3:

Using the outside edge of theĀ Smoothing Brush, smooth the backcombed hair gently back, and combine with the lower section to form a new ponytail. Secure this with a band or bungee.

Spring Style Ponytail


Pull back the remaining loose front section of hair, so that it falls either side of the head, framing the finished style. Wrap the ends of this section around the band securing the ponytail, and grip in place. For some extra height through the ponytail itself, gently backcomb in layers at the base. To finish the look, spray with Natural Hold Hairspray, followed by High Shine Glosser, for a healthy-looking, glamorous shine.

Spring Style Ponytail