Styling Shorter Hair

April 20, 2015 7:01 am

Our stylists have shared their foolproof technique for drying short to mid-length styles: ‘wrap drying’. This literally just involves brushing the hair across the head, (in essence ‘wrapping’ it around the head) as you apply heat from the hair dryer. Our simple step-by-step and video demonstrate how to master this salon blow dry:


Prepare hair by washing and conditioning, and then whilst it is still damp, distribute a couple of pumps of Salon X-Clusive Shine Oil evenly through the hair. This will soften the hair, making it easier to detangle, and providing a beautiful shine once the hair is dry. Use a curved Styling Brush to brush the hair in one direction across the head, directing the airflow from the hair dryer behind the brush, in the same direction. This will ensure the hair cuticle remains closed for a sleeker finish.

Short Hair Dry


Whilst continuing to dry the hair, brush (wrap) it across the head in the opposite direction. By following the natural curve of the head whilst drying, you will create shape in the hair that will sit perfectly, framing your face. Changing direction ensures you keep some volume and bounce through the hair, whilst also creating as smooth a finish as possible.

Short Hair Dry


Once hair is nearly completely dry, use the Styling Brush to guide hair into the final shape you would like, for instance through the fringe, or ends of the hair. For a longer-lasting style, use the cool-shot function on your hairdryer – the change in temperature will help to ‘set’ the hair.

Short Hair Dry