Summer hair – styles to take you from rain to sunshine

June 24, 2016 2:48 pm

With the weather acting as unpredictably as ever, we’ve put together a selection of hairstyles that can take you from rain to sunshine (via everything in-between) and still look great.

Hair Up:

Buns – fantastic for keeping hair off your neck in the sun, and controlling wet locks in the rain, the bun is an easy-to-style and versatile look. For a softer, more bohemian style try a relaxed top knot that actually benefits from some flyaways and frizz, or create a tight, slick style that can be kept under control with some oil or serum for a wet look finish even before the rain.

Braids – a loose, messy halo braid looks pretty and ethereal in the sunshine, and helps keep hair under control in the downpours. If your damp braid isn’t looking so great later in the day, just use your fingers to comb it out for beachy waves.

hair up summer

Hair Down:

Beach waves – nothing screams summer hair more than loose waves that look like they’ve been textured by sea water and a sea breeze. Luckily some heavy rain can help accentuate this look and help create waves for when the clouds finally clear. If you’re lucky enough to have curly hair already, then look for products that will help to define and tame your waves such as a curl cream or serum. Pop a small bottle of serum or oil in your handbag when you’re out and about to give waves a quick smooth if frizz is starting to become a problem during the day. For naturally straight hair, let moisture help you out! Liberally apply mousse and salt spray to your hair while it’s damp, scrunch from lengths to roots and then leave to dry naturally. If your hair is very stubborn you can always try braiding your hair while it dries to give your waves a helping hand.

summer hair beach waves