Taylor Swift debuts sharp bob at Grammy Awards

February 16, 2016 4:29 pm

The Grammy Awards are always one of our favourite shows for hair and fashion, as it brings out more adventurous, fearless styling than other award ceremonies. It’s a great opportunity for music’s biggest stars to have some fun and express their wilder side, and this year was no exception. There were some memorable looks (some for the wrong reasons), however our favourite celeb look of the evening was definitely Taylor Swift, who also went on to be the biggest winner of the night too.


Taylor debuted a new sharp bob with a heavy, blunt fringe which she teamed with an orange and pink colour-blocked outfit. Although she has been rocking a long bob for the last couple of years and regularly experimented with fringes, this is the first time we have seen with her such a short, structured style. While other stars leaned towards elaborately styled and coiffed styles, Taylor let her new cut speak for itself, keeping her hair loose and straight. The best thing about this style? It is so easy to try yourself! If you’ve been thinking about going for the chop, or trying a dramatic new style then this could be the look for you…

Who will this style suit?

If your hair is naturally straight this style will be ideal, and actually require very little maintenance or styling to achieve. However, if like Taylor, you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you will need to commit to regular blow dries (either at home or the salon) and become well acquainted with your hair straighteners and smoothing products.

This look is great for people with heart shaped faces, or slightly pointed chins. The blunt ends at the chin help to balance out the face, and the heavy fringe perfectly frames the eyes and helps balance out a wider forehead. However, there is no set rule for what style will suit each face shape – if you love a certain look the best thing you can do is take a photo into your hairdresser and ask them to advise how the look could be tailored to suit your face. This could be adding a little length, trying a sweeping fringe or even a clever use of colour to make the style as flattering as possible.

How would I maintain this style at home?

How difficult this style would be to maintain is very much dependent on your hair type and texture.

STRAIGHT HAIR – this is by far and away the easiest hair texture for recreating this style. If your hair is fine you may want to try a volumising product to stop the hair (and particularly) fringe looking flat, or for thicker hair try a serum or oil to remove some of the ‘bulk’ from the hair for a sleeker finish. The best technique to use to create this finish is a ‘wrap dry’. This is where you essentially wrap the hair around the shape of your head whilst you dry it, ensuring the air flow always follows the direction in which you’re brushing. We have a handy infographic which can help you learn this easy technique.

WAVY HAIR – this will be a little more of a challenge, but you should still be able to use the wrap drying technique described above. However to keep the style as straight as possible try using a smoothing balm to relax the waves and any spray that will help to control humidity, and stop your waves creeping back in during the day. Once hair is 90% dry you can use a radial brush through medium sized sections of hair to pull it taut as you dry it for a straighter finish.

CURLY HAIR – wrap drying will struggle to control really curly hair, so you’ll have to invest more time in carrying out a traditional blow dry. Section hair, and working from the underneath layer upwards dry hair using a radial brush, and ensuring hair is being pulled straight throughout the drying process. Although this is a time consuming exercise, it will ensure your style lasts longer, and will provide a better foundation for straightening the hair if drying alone doesn’t remove your curls.

If you’re thinking of giving Taylor’s look a go make sure you talk to one of our amazing hair experts – we have salons located in Brighton, Covent Garden, Hampstead, Richmond and Manchester and our teams would love to see you.