Special Trevor Sorbie Tribu-te Magazine!

September 4, 2014 12:20 pm

For 50 years in the industry, Trevor has dazzled individuals with his inventiveness, his awards, his name that is now a brand, his salons, his training course, the young talents he has discovered and so much more.

uK publisher, Nicky Pope says “The preparation for this edition of Tribu-te magazine has caused quite some hilarity, plenty of admiring comments and reactions, as well as few heartfelt moments of joy and sympathy. All emotions entirely reflective of our guest this Autumn: Trevor Sorbie. An icon of our times, he has a long hairdressing career, studded with spectacular achievements and plenty of well-deserved accolades for his skill and innovation. With 50 years in the industry to celebrate, Trevor can be credited with genius hairdressing moments including inventing the ‘wedge’ and the ‘scrunch’, as well as creating memorable geometric looks of the 60s.”


Read more in Tribu-te Magazine’s 16 exclusive page interview with Trevor himself.