Trend Alert – Victoria Beckham debuts her new ‘lob’

June 7, 2016 4:24 pm

The ‘lob’ (or long bob to you and me) has been dominating hair headlines for a while, but it’s just had its biggest celebrity endorsement yet – none other than Victoria Beckham.

Who can forget the posh bob, nicknamed ‘the pob’ which she debuted nearly ten years ago? It was nearly impossible to walk down the street without bumping into someone with an imitation style, but this time Victoria is joining the trend rather than setting it. And it’s no wonder the lob has become such a hit – effortlessly chic, flattering and versatile, it’s the perfect mid-length style. Still not convinced? We’ve gathered together some of our favourite celebrity lob’s to show you what you’re missing!

hair lob style

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rose Byrne and Jennifer Lawrence all look fantastic with their lobs. Rosie’s style has been created using a traditional blow dry, but you can cheat this at home by either using rollers or a hot styling tool such as our Infinity Styler. To recreate Rose and Jennifer’s tousled lobs, take large sections of hair and wrap them around a heated tong/wand for a few a seconds before releasing. This style looks best when it’s relaxed and undone, so don’t worry about equally sectioning your hair, and wrap the hair in different directions for a messier finish. The perfect product to finish your style is Salt Texture Spray – this will help separate out the waves for more definition, and show off choppy layers.