What Happened When I Decided To Try Denim Hair

April 7, 2016 6:51 pm

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I’ve always loved keeping an eye on the latest trends and oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the bold, beautiful styles other people are trying. However, with the exception of the odd wash-in wash-out colour, I’ve never been brave enough to give them a go myself…until now! When I read about denim hair online I immediately worked my way through all the photos I could find with major hair envy, so when a member of the salon team suggested I try it out for myself I finally bit the bullet and agreed to try something new.

My hair has been long and blonde for a long time, and while I’ve recently started experimenting with shoulder length styles I haven’t applied the same adventurousness to my colour. Therefore I turned up for my appointment with Travis in the Hampstead salon feeling more than a little daunted. Luckily he was incredibly reassuring, and really took his time talking through the pros and cons of opting for such a bold look. To truly achieve the colours I’d been coveting online I would be looking at a full head of bleach to create a white blonde finish, which could then be coloured to create a bold blue tone. “The reason we will need to achieve almost white hair is that if we apply a blue tone to your current blonde hairĀ (which has golden undertones) the end result is likely to be quite green,” Travis explained. “This can also happen if you use a permanent blue when it starts to fade, so we like to use toners to avoid that happening. It also gives a much softer, more wearable finish.”

However to maintain the denim effect I would be looking at fortnightly appointments to have the different tones of colour expertly woven through my hair. I wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge and lose my highlights completely with a full head of bleach, so Travis explored an option that would create a subtler version of the look I was craving, while still maintaining the highlights I love underneath. We decided on a full head of very light highlights to lift my hair colour while maintaining depth for a multi-tonal effect. This meant that if I wanted to tone my hair myself at home (using a bespoke product that Travis could mix for me) then it wouldn’t be a flat, patchy finish. It also gave me the option of allowing the colour to fade out and return to my beloved blonde – perfect!

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Travis got to work straight away and within an hour I was sat happily with a cup of tea and a full head of foils. Once the colour had developed I was then led to the backwash to have the colour rinsed and a strengthening treatment applied called Olaplex. This is a service that Travis would recommend to any client undertaking a colour service, but particularly for those who are going lighter: “We will always use the gentlest products we can to achieve the look the client wants, however applying a lightening product will always cause some damage to the hair, but with Olaplex we can limit this as much as possible and ensure you leave with your hair feeling as soft and healthy as it did when you came in. It’s really revolutionised the strength of my client’s hair.” The service involved two steps that took place at the backwash, and I happily relaxed, reclined at the sink, while the treatment took effect.

Once it had been rinsed off we were ready for the exciting part of the appointment! I was quite nervous as I wasn’t able to do my usual trick of watching in the mirror like a hawk (sorry to all the hairdressers I’ve done this to) but Travis explained the process he was following as we went along. First a blue toner was applied through all of my hair and left to develop for a few minutes before being rinsed off. Travis wanted to achieve a very soft, subtle blue tone that would really emphasise my new bright highlights rather than a bolder colour. Then a grey toner was worked through the roots and strategically pulled through the lengths of the hair, along with a purple toner to add another pastel hue. After a final rinse, shampoo and incredibly relaxing head massage I was back to the styling station for a cut & blow dry with Tom. Other the past few months I’ve gradually been going shorter with my hair, so Tom suggested quite a blunt cut that would sit on my collar bone.

When wet the colour looked quite dark but as my hair dried I could really start to see all the different tones and pastel colours coming through. Tom styled my hair with a soft tousle that he felt would best show off the colour and before I knew it I was ready to admire the final result. My verdict? I absolutely love it! Travis managed to take a trend and really tailor it to work for my colouring, lifestyle and personality. The best thing is that it’s also really versatile so I can try different colours that have been expertly mixed for me at home, or allow the colour to fade to reveal my blonde highlights underneath. All in all a very successful trip to the salon!

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If you want a consultation to chat about trying a new cut or colour then just give the salon a call or pop in if you happen to be passing by!