What to pack for your hair on holiday

August 15, 2016 9:37 am

With weight limits on hold luggage, and liquid restrictions for hand luggage, deciding which hair products and tools to take on holiday can be confusing. Our salon experts advise that just as you would plan your clothes for a holiday based on weather, environment and activities, try doing the same for your hair. Below are their top packing tips to save you valuable suitcase space!

  1. Be realistic – if you never use a tool or product at home, then don’t bring it on holiday with you! Although the idea of curls or shiny, sleek hair may be appealing, if this isn’t a style you ever find time to create at home, it’s unlikely you’ll end up doing so on holiday. If you’re determined to try something new while you’re away, then try taking a multi-purpose tool with you. Straighteners are great for creating curls and sleek styles, or a multi-styler can create different looks in one, so you can try glamorous, beach or ringlet curls.
  2. Take the exact amount you need – rather than taking full tubes of shampoo, conditioner, heat spray etc invest in some travel size bottles which you can decant product into. This is a great way to save on space and weight, and also ensure you don’t waste any product. Once you’ve bought the travel bottles they can either be topped up as and when you need them, or you can rinse and fill with something new!
  3. Work with your hair – with some careful planning you can avoid taking unnecessary products or tools that won’t be used. If you’re travelling somewhere hot and humid by the sea for example, you might want to take a deeply conditioning product (such as an oil which can be used in damp hair as a treatment, or dry hair for shine) to help protect hair from sun and sea damage, and a texturising product (such as a salt spray) as a styling tool to enhance the natural effect in your hair from the sea salt.
  4. Plan your styles – you can save a lot of time by creating a daytime style that can either transition into an evening look or be easily adapted. An ideal style for a hot day is a braid – this will keep hair off your face and neck (depending on the style you choose) and at the end of the day when you shake it out will create relaxed waves. Another style you could try is gathering hair into a ponytail then twisting it in one direction until it winds into a bun. Keep hair in this style all day, and then when you release it you will have gentle curls. Easy!
  5. Think about wattage – whilst most electricals should work in Europe, you may find your tools struggle to heat up and work further afield, so bear this in mind when deciding what to take with you. Some electricals (such as our Worldwide Travel Dryer) will specify that they work globally, so it’s ideal to invest in products like this. You’ll also find a lot of travel specific products will include space saving design such as foldable handles. Every bit of space helps! As an added bonus our electrical range also include in-built European plug sockets. Simply unscrew the UK plug and underneath you’d find a 2-pin plug, so no need to remember extra adaptors.