Women’s hair products all men should be trying

June 9, 2016 4:53 pm

With the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ man we’ve seen a radical change in attitude to the traditional adage that women are always the ones spending money on maintaining their beauty habits. There are now huge amounts of men’s hair products available on the market (we have our very own Mg range) however with men growing more and more savvy about the benefits of investing in grooming it’s the perfect time to look at what women’s hair products they should be ‘borrowing with pride’ and adding to their daily regime!

Hair Oils

Not just for conditioning dry, split ends, hair oils have so many uses that men can benefit from too:

  1. Facial hair care – if your beard is your pride and joy then you should definitely look at trying an oil. The conditioning properties will help soften coarse, unruly hairs whilst moisturising the skin beneath to avoid flakes (the horror)!
  2. Removing product build up – overuse of styling products can start to leave residue in your hair that not only looks unsightly but can also cause itching. Applying oil all over your scalp about 20 minutes before washing your hair will help loosen the product on the hair so your shampoo can really do it’s job.
  3. Creating wet look styles – don’t like the crunchy feeling of gel? Not a fan of sticky waxes? Try using an oil to create a slicked back wet-look style. The oil will give a high shine finish but still lets your hair move so you won’t have to worry about looking like a lego character…



There are hairsprays for men on the market, but there are definite benefits from borrowing a women’s version:

  1. They tend to contain more exciting ingredients that will provide more benefits than just holding the hair in place. Many contain UV filters, humidity protection, softer finishes etc.
  2. There’s more variety available. Men’s products can suffer from providing a ‘one size fits all’ approach, whereas women’s hairspray comes in varieties of strengths for different amounts of control and definition. Definitely worth investigating!


Dry Shampoo

We hear from lots of men who want to avoid washing their hair too often as it becomes fluffy when dry, whereas after a few days their hair has more grit and is easier to style. One way to get around this is to try using a dry shampoo:

  1. One of the biggest drawbacks to not regularly washing your hair is the greasy smell that you start to emit after a few days. Dry shampoo helps to mask this smell with a refreshing, light fragrance. There are dozens of different varieties out there, so get sniffing until you find one which you would be happy wearing!
  2. Dry shampoo is fantastic at adding texture to hair. If you have just shampooed your hair and are trying to tame the fluff then give this product a go. It’ll remove that freshly-washed feeling and make it easier to tame your hair.
  3. It can help add volume. If you’re self-conscious about thinning hair then dry shampoo is a great product to try. There are plenty of volumising varieties on the market that will help to build body in the hair and make it feel thicker to the touch. Alternatively try using a hair powder if you want to feel a substantial difference. The powder has an almost chalky feeling in the hair and will make it feel instantly thicker.



There’s a misconception that conditioner is only for women with long, flowing hair. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Conditioner works by smoothing down the hair cuticle that is opened by the shampoo to release dirt and build up. Without a conditioner this cuticle stays open, which can make hair look and feel fluffier, more static and harder to detangle. Next time you’re washing your hair, just try popping a small amount of conditioner on your hair (try to avoid rubbing it into your scalp) and after a minute or two rinse it out thoroughly. You’ll feel a difference we promise.