Bloggers How-To Event

February 26, 2015 4:02 pm

Last night in the Covent Garden Salon we hosted a ‘Masterclass’ with a selection of the UK’s top bloggers. With the help of Art Team members James Bacon and Petros Mairoudhiou, the attendees were taught ‘back to basics’ haircare, from how to wash hair correctly, to caring for your scalp.

Top tips from the evening included:
– Always shampoo your hair twice! Even in a roomful of hair and beauty enthusiasts, only half the group knew that shampooing twice is best for your hair. The first wash removes any grease, product or build-up sitting on the hair, which then allows the second wash to lather up and truly clean the hair.
– Don’t use fingertips to lather! Because of sharp nails or using too much pressure, you should avoid massaging in shampoo and conditioner with your fingertips, instead use the lengths of the fingers to gently apply the product in a downwards motion.
– Keep a comb handy! Brushing tangles out of the hair when it’s wet can cause a lot of breakage, as hair is more vulnerable to damage when wet. Instead, starting from the lengths and working up to the roots, gently use a comb to remove tangles before and after conditioning.

The key products we recommended on the night were the Rejuvenate Scalp Serum (to improve general scalp health and condition), Styling Curl Creator (for long-lasting hold when styling) and Straight Protect & Shine (for heat protection up to 230c).