Great Gatsby: Get The Look

February 20, 2015 12:18 am

With the release of the Great Gatsby film adaptation this week, 20s style glamour is back with a vengeance for both men and women. Capture the vintage, debonair style of the Great Gatsby by following these very simple hair tips from our salon experts:

“For men, you can easily create a modern take on this look; simply towel dry your hair straight out of the shower to remove any excess moisture, and create a low side parting. Work a decent dollop of Trevor Sorbie Mg Moulding Mud into the palm of your hand, and run your hands through your hair in a diagonal backward action, working away from the parting and face. As the product dries it will leave your hair with a semi-firm wet look finish, or for an even slicker, more sleek effect you can run a small amount of Mg Firm Control Gel over the finished style.

For women, the best way to capture the essence of Daisy Buchanan is to ask your hairdresser for a 20s style bob – this is a statement look so make sure you are confident about going for the chop, and discuss in detail with your hairdresser before going ahead about how this look can be adapted to suit your face shape and lifestyle.”